Sunday January 19,2020

Loan-Interest Rates


Premium over Base Rate
(% per annum)

1. Productive Sector  
     Institutional Prime 2.50-5.00
     Institutional Others 3.75-5.00
     Tourism Sector 2.25-4.75
     Agriculture Loan 2.00-5.00
2. Deprived Sector  
Institutional Prime 2.50-5.00
Institutional Others 3.75-5.00
Direct Lending (Agriculture and SME) 2.00
Direct Lending (Others) 4.75-6.00
3. Interest Subsidized Loan 2.00
4. Export Finance  
     Prime 2.50-4.25
     Others 4.00-5.25
5. Term Loan  
     Multinational 2.50-4.25
     Prime 2.50-4.50
     Others 4.25-5.25
6. Working Capital Loan  
I. Overdraft  
     Multinational 3.50-5.50
     Prime 3.50-5.50
     Others 5.00-5.75
II. TR/ Import Loan  
     Multinational 2.25-4.75
     Prime 2.25-4.75
     Others 4.00-5.75
III. Demand Loan  
     Multinational 3.00-5.00
     Prime 3.00-5.00
     Others 4.00-5.75
IV. Short Term Loan (STL)  
     Multinational 2.25-4.25
     Prime 2.25-4.25
     Others 4.00-5.75
V. Structured Short Term/ Time Loan 1.75-4.75
VI. Nabil Easy Loan  
     Term Loan 5.00-6.00
     Overdraft 5.50-6.00
VII. SME Fast Track Loan 3.56
VIII. Nabil Nari Karja 2.05
IX. Nabil Sajilo Karja 2.56
7. Equity Mortgage Loan 4.50-5.50
8. Institutional Auto Finance 2.75-4.50
1. Housing (Residential) 2.50-4.50
2. Mortgage 3.00-4.50
3. Auto  
     I. Private 2.50-4.50
     II. Commercial 4.00-5.00
     III. Tractor Loan 4.75-5.50
     IV. Electric Vehicle 1.50-3.50
4. Education 3.50-5.00
5. Personal Overdraft 4.50-5.50
6. Corporate Employees Loan Upto 3
7. Nabil Personal Loan/OD for Employees 4.75-6.00
I. Fixed Deposit (Nabil Bank) upto 3.00*
II. Fixed Deposit (Other Banks) upto 3.00*
III. 1st Class Bank Guarantee 2.50-5.00
IV. Other Bank's Guarantee 4.00-5.50
V. Government Securities 2.50-5.00
VI. LCY Loan against FCY Deposit 3.00-5.00
VII. Loan against Share 2.50-4.50
D. OTHER LOANS 5.75-6.50
* Base rate or coupon rate whichever is higher plus premium upto 3%  


  • The Effective applicable interest rate will be Base rate plus premium specified above for particular Loan Product.
  • The effective applicable interest rate shall be automatically revised with effect from the 1st day of every quarter based on the change in the previous quarter-end (Bikram Calendar) base rate as published by the Bank periodically.
  • Interest rates on consortium loans shall be as decided by consortium meetings.
  • Penal interest shall be charged at 2% above the agreed premium over base rate on all overdue/expired loans and loans that do not comply with agreed terms.
  • Agriculture loans to youth shall be charged interest rate as per NRB guidelines.
  • Interest rates on foreign currency loans shall be determined on deal to deal basis as per market movements and/or LIBOR plus premium subject to NRB guidelines as applicable.
  • As agreed upon with the customer or as advised to the customer Call Deposit interest rates shall be customer specific subject to NRB guidelines.
  • Please contact any of our nearest branches for further details.


A. Savings Deposit  
     USD Savings  1.25%
     GBP Savings  0.25%
     AUD Savings  0.5%
     JPY Savings  0.1%
     *EUR accounts  0.0%
     *CHF accounts  0.0%
     NRN Fixed Deposit (USD) 3.33%
  • Rates on foreign currency call and other accounts shall vary from time to time as per the decision of the Bank or as negotiated with customer depending on market movement.
  • Considering negative interest rates under Euro (€) and Swiss Franc (CHF) denominated currency deposits, all existing Savings and Call accounts under currencies EURO and Swiss Franc (CHF) have been revised to Zero effective from 1st May 2016.
Base Rate - Mangsir 2076 LCY Interest Spread - Poush 2076
8.10% 4.99%