Wednesday April 08,2020

Nabil Korea Remit

Money transfer from Korea made hassle free and easy. We offer Nabil Korea Remit service; a reliable medium to transfer funds from Korea in quick and efficient way. We have special arrangement with Korea Exchange Bank (KEB) to transfer money from Korea to Nepal.

Special Benefits

  • Safest way to send money from Korea
  • Quick and reliable service with the help of modern web based technology
  • 365 days remittance service solutions
  • Easy and convenient way of remitting fund
  • Receive money in your Nabil Bank account or into your account with any other banks or financial institutions

How to send money from Korea

By opening Easy One Account at Korean Exchange Bank (KEB).

Steps to send money by Remitter/Sender

  1. Open "Easy One Account" in KEB in local currency (i.e. Korean Won) by filling up account opening form and submit copy of passport and identification documents of your employer in Korea.
  2. Get your Korean Exchange Bank account number and link it with your remitting/receiving bank account of Nabil Bank. You have the flexibility to link up to 4 accounts for transferring  money.
  3. Transfer your money to your desired account either from KEB or through electronic channels like Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and ATMs.

Special Benefits of Easy One Account

  • Especially designed account for transferring funds from Korea
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Free issuance of debit card which can be used worldwide. You can also transfer funds by using your debit card
  • Transfer funds with KEB’s widest domestic network of more than 100 service outlets, more than 700 ATM counter’s or more than 2,800 ATMs of post office. You have the privilege of using your KEB debit card from any bank’s ATM in Korea for remitting fund
  • Same day account credit mechanism
  • Technological solution for tech-savvy individual. Sender can easily send money by using Internet banking &/or mobile banking platform
  • Any individual having account in Korea other than KEB can also avail remitting facility through KEB’s Easy One Account

List of required documents to open account in KEB, Korea

  • Account opening application
  • Copy of Passport along with original for its verification
  • Korean identity card

We have given special privilege to the person flying to Korea to open account with us without minimum balance requirement in the name of person him/herself and his/her family person already in Korea can also open their account with Nabil Bank.

Special benefits

  • Debit Card with wide range of ATM networks within Nepal & India
  • Free Mobile Banking
  • Free Internet Banking
  • Free ABBS facility
  • You can invest your hard earn money through us on behalf of our subsidiary company – Nabil Investment Banking Limited

Contacts Details of Bank's Representative at Korea

Contact Person: Mr. Dejendra Rai and Mr. Abhusan Chand
KEB Hana Bank, Toegyero Branch, Seoul, Korea
Contact No. : +821064167613 (Viber Available)


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