Thursday April 02,2020

Corporate Call Account

Is your business going through a phase of excess liquidity characterized by idle funds lying in your current accounts that is not earning anything for your business? And, you are not sure how long they would remain idle?

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Corporate Fixed Term Deposit

Make your idle funds earn more with our Corporate Fixed Term deposits that comes in different tenures and corresponding interest rates.

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Online Account Management

'Nabilnet', our internet based accounts management platform allows you to monitor your bank transactions live and online.

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Any Branch Banking Services

Enjoy the convenience of accessing and managing your financial transactions from one of the largest networks of branch offices situated at strategic locations across Nepal.

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Cash Management Services

Streamline your cash flows with our Cash Management Services. We offer transit services for collection and payment of cash at your doorstep…

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Stand-In Instructions

Stand-in Instructions are essential to automate efficient management of fund transfers. It not only saves time and administrative hassles but enhances your business image.

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