Saturday March 24,2018

Available Opportunities

(Re-advertised. First notice published on 29 November 2017)                          

Nabil Bank is a market leader in the Nepali financial sector. We are looking for experienced, talented, highly motivated, result oriented and qualified young Nepali citizens with extensive exposure in the banking/related field who have potential to take up leadership roles by joining our team in the following positions:

Manager – Operations: 1 No (Manager M1 Level)03-14-201803-28-2018
Manager – Micro Finance: 1 No. (Manager M1/M2 level)03-14-201803-28-2018
Manager – Compliance: 1 No-. (Manager M1/M2 level)03-14-201803-28-2018
Manager – Digital Banking and Alternate Channels: 1 No. (Manager M1 Level)03-14-201803-28-2018
Manager Learning & Development (L&D): 1 No. (Manager M1 Level)03-14-201803-28-2018
Manager Finance: 1 No. (Manager M1/M2 Level)03-14-201803-28-2018
Manager Credit Risk: 1 No. (Manager M1/M2 Level)03-14-201803-28-2018
Information Security Officer: 1 No. (Officer O1/Officer O2)03-14-201803-28-2018
Legal Officer: 1 No. (Officer O1)03-14-201803-28-2018